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The State of Buyer Personas 2012

This executive brief offers a perspective by Tony Zambito that marks the tenth anniversary since the first buyer persona development methodology was pioneered and what will be the new frontier for buyer modeling and buyer personas.



No Small Hurdle: Buyer-Based Marketing and Selling to the New SMB Buyer

The importance of growing the SMB segment is taking on more urgency as companies look for growth opportunities.  This eBook looks at how the use of buyer-based marketing and selling can help formulate strategies for SMB growth.





A Matter of Choice: How B2B Buyers Choose in Today’s Complex Markets

This eBook covers new dynamics in buyer choice modeling, why funnel thinking is limted in the new buyer-driven world, and how business marketing must transform to meet new challenges.






The Single Buyer Model: A Dangerous Road Towards Competitive B2B Marketing and Sales

This eBook explores how the single buyer model that has been used for targeting by marketing and sales in no longer adequate.  Evidence suggests that B2B organizations must explore predictive buyer modeling and new forms of target buyer modeling.





Buyerology: How Buyer Trends Are Impacting The Future of Business Thinking

This free eBook looks at how future buyer trends are challenging conventional business thinking and offers a guide to modern business thinking in the hyper-competitive Social Age.  (Click on image, title above, or here for free download.)





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