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Buyer Scenario Models™

What is it? Buyer Scenario Models™ provide behavioral insight into the context in which buying initiatives and processes are started.  They are used to model as well as understand the depth and breadth of the challenges, issues, triggers, opportunities, stimuli, and strategic imperatives that influence purchase decisions.  Buyer Scenario Models™ give a narrative and graphical view of how buyer personas and the ecosystem of personas interact to solve challenges and make decisions.

Why is it important? Buyer Scenario Models™ give your marketing and sales teams the predictive insight they need to understand buyer challenges, how they begin their buying cycles, and what scenarios represent their best opportunities.  Buyer Scenario Models™ are used in conjunction with Buyer Persona Models™ to tell the story , through the eyes of your target Buyer Persona, of what confronts them, who they interact with, how they interact, and why specific goals are important.

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