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Buyer Persona Models™

What is it? Buyer Personas, are hypothetical descriptive buyer archetypes that are used to make informed decisions about marketing and sales strategies.  They are not real people however they are derived from the rigorous qualitative investigative process we call Buyerography™.  We originated buyer personas for marketing and sales in 2002 and perfected the precision methods to research buyer persona models that give you the details you need to understand who buyers are, buyer goals, buyer ecosystems, buyer networks, socal networks, buyer behaviors, and buyer opportunities.

Why is it important? Buyer Persona Models™ allow your teams to focus on the goals of buyers and to understand why they make purchase decisions.  In the complex world of B2B buying, your teams are given descriptive archetypes of not only buyer personas, but the working ecosystem as well the networks of influencer, stakeholder, user, supplier, partner, customer, and decision-maker personas that play a role in the purchase decision process.


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