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Buyer Experience Models™

What is it? Buyer Experience Models™ help to gain a better understanding of the interactions and relationship experiences that buyers seek.  Through means of buyer experience cycle modeling as well as storyboards,  interactions are depicted to illustrate the pre-sale and post-sale experiences that shape buyer behaviors and influence purchase decisions.  You discover critical Buyer Moment of Truth™ (BMOT) interaction points that can make the difference between buyers continuing their experience or going elswhere.

Why is it important? Buyer Experience Models™ provide your teams with insightful illustrations of the experiences they desire when interacting with your content, social technologies, and organization.  Allowing your teams to see a holistic picture of the entire experience desired as well as knowledge of Buyer Moment of Truth™ (BMOT) interaction points that keep opportunities moving forward.  Enabling important functions such as marketing, sales, and service to identify experience gaps and to make informed decisions on the critical moment of truths touchpoints that engage buyers.

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