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Buyer Decision Models™

What is it? Buyer Decision Models™ is the modeling of the buyer decision journey used to make purchase decisions.  Used in conjunction with Buyer Scenario Models™, they identify the key stages of the buying process and the buyer jourrney taken within each stage to accomplish specific goals.  Buyer behavior and mental models, as seen through the eyes of your target buyer persona, are represented throughout the mapping of buying stages and the buyer decision journey.

Why is it important? No two buyer decision processes or buyer decision journeys are alike nor do they follow the many predetermined buying process diagrams that exist exactly.  The modeling as well as mapping of buyer decision processes and the buyer journey give your marketing and sales team the insight they need to  understand how buyers navigate throughout their unique buying process and interactions points that represent moments of truth.  Buyer Decision Models™ help you to make better decisions on marketing, content, and selling strategies as well as map sales processes to critical buying stages.


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