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Buyerology’s focus on giving you a clear, actionable, and predictive picture of your buyers help you make better decisions.

For years gaining an understanding of buyers was about crunching data, analyzing statistics, and coming up with charts.  What did we learn?  It didn’t go deep enough.  Buyerology’s approach is to go deeper: A focus on using multiple qualitative buyer research and predictive buyer modeling approaches to get at the heart of why and how buyers make their decisions.

How We Help You Get to Know Your Buyers

We first work with you to understand the pressing issues and challenges you need to solve.  Then we get busy talking directly with your buyers.  Using the right level and combination of multiple qualitative approaches we call Buyerography™, such as Contextual Buyer Interviews, Field Buyer Research, C-Suite Interviews, and Telephone Validation Interviews, we get inside the mind of your buyers and analyze firsthand how they make buying decisions.  We then help you to get to know your buyers deeper than ever by revealing discoveries, behaviors, insights, and analysis through the descriptive and predictive buyer modeling of Business Buyergraphics™.


 What is it? Buyerography™ is the name we give to the use of multiple qualitative buyer research approaches that help to understand why and how purchase decisions are made.  Based on the goal of buyer research and behavioral analysis, a series of C-Suite interviews, on-site observation, contextual inquiry interviews with customers, and telephone based validation methods are used to gain an understanding of how buyers feel about the decisions they must make, how they go about making them, why they are important, and the goals that drive decisions.

Why is it important? Buyerography, the use of multiple qualitative buyer interviewing approaches, is the best means to gain the deepest understanding of how buyer behavior influences purchase decisions.  Multiple qualitative approaches help you to clarify assumptions, understand real world environments, model predictive scenarios, and make informed decisions on strategies that drive revenue growth.

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