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The Problem

Both Marketing and Sales are lacking in effective conversations with buyers today.  Various surveys have shown that as much as 80% of buyers today are finding their conversations with sales to be of little value.  Marketing and sales are lacking in an understanding of the language and terminology of buyers, their situational problems, and how to articulate their understanding back to buyers.

The Solution

Buyer Conversation Modeling is a four step program that is designed to significantly improve your marketing and sales teams ability to have valuable conversations with buyers and increase their relevancy in buyer’s eyes.  Resulting in more share and commitments that translate into revenue growth.

Buyer Conversation Modeling

Modeling buyer conversations for your marketing and sales teams follows four crucial steps:

Research Buyers:  In this step we conduct qualitative buyer interviews to gain insights into who your buyers are, which buyers should you be reaching, and how they work with internal and external stakeholders to make purchase decisions.

Model Buyers:  Here we model buyers through composite archetypes we call buyer personas.  This gives your marketing and sales teams real-world knowledge of who they are speaking with and the goals that are important to them.

Model Problems:  Having insight into the problems of buyers, their situations, how they go about making decisions, and why they make them gives your teams a significant edge.  We do this with the use of Buyergraphics – giving your marketing and sales teams a robust picture of your buyer’s problems, challenges, and situations.

Model Conversations: In this final step, we bring it all together.  Providing insight into the language and terminology of your buyers, how they converse about problems, how they receive communications and messaging, and what as well as why specific offerings are relevant to them.  For marketing, we help provide content messaging guides.  For sales, we model the seller-buyer conversation that give your sales teams the ability to anticipate how to best resonate wth buyers.

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