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Some of the Companies We’ve Helped

Hewlett PackardHewlett Packard

We helped HP to find out how and why IT Executives purchased information services solutions in five vertical markets, most notably Healthcare Information Technology. HP deployed the use of Business Buyergraphics™ to target their content and selling conversations. This resulted in a 15% increase in revenues in the SME market alone.

Fedex logoFedEx

We helped FedEx to find out how and why supply chain and logistic professionals purchased freight, ground, and air delivery solutions in several vertical markets including financial services and distribution logistics. Armed with insightful Business Buyergraphics™, FedEx revamped their web site and online services that made it easier for their target buyers to schedule several delivery options simultaneously.

Reed ElsevierReed Elsevier

We helped Reed Elsevier to find out how and why education leaders made decisions on education products and technologies. Business Buyergraphics™ were developed for several education verticals that provided a basis for informed marketing and selling strategies on the purchase of textbooks, education assessment products, and emerging education technologies.

Pearson Pearson

We helped Pearson to find out how and why education, clincal, and hospital professionals made decisions on education and psychological assessment products as well as services. Business Buyergraphics™ were developed for several verticals, including clinics and hospitals, that informed strategy on new marketing and selling efforts as well as identified new product technologies that has kept Pearson as the leading provider of assessment testing in America.

Robert HalfRobert Half

We helped Robert Half International to find out how and why clients made decisions on staffing for accounting and financial resources. We also provided deep insight into the mind of candidates and how and why they sought employment through staffing services. Business Buyergraphics™ were developed for both clients and candidates that depicted the mindset of both and the journey they took together towards job placement.


We helped Symantec to find out how and why SME customers made decisions on renewing as well as what led to switching anti-virus and security products and services . Business Buyergraphics™ were developed for several verticals in the SME market space and for different renewal and switching scenarios. This led to a renewed effort to streamline online and inside sales support services for easy renewals and new purchases.

BoozBooz & Company

Booz & Company was chartered to help one of their Fortune 100 clients devise a new pricing and go-to-market strategy in a complex market. We helped Booz & Company to gain deep insights into how pricing affected decision-making for their client’s customers. Business Buyergraphics™ were developed that portrayed who was involved in decision-making as well as how and why decisions were made – giving them the insights they needed to help shape strategy for their client.

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