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Buyerology introduces powerful next generation predictive buyer modeling.

Buyerology℠ is a service and deeper methodology for understanding new evolving buyer behavior through qualitative B2B buyer and sales research and predictive modeling.   From the beginning, when we originated buyer personas and it’s research methodology, we’ve been helping organizations to get to know their buyers and grow revenues.  We now introduce the next generation in understanding buyer choice and decision-making in Buyerology.  Buyer research and insights delivered through the powerful descriptive and predictive buyer modeling of Business Buyergraphics™.  Insights that are designed to help you get to know and engage your buyers better than ever.  Giving you the knowledge, insights, and the predictive insights of Business Buyergraphics to help guide decisions on buyer strategies.

Our approach is designed to dig deep into the mind of buyer’s and get to the heart of why and how they make buying decisions.

We use multiple qualitative research approaches we sum up as Buyerography™.  Our approach is designed to dig deep into the mind of buyers and get to the heart of why and how they make buying decisions.  Our unique Business Buyergraphics™ delivers robust descriptive and predictive buyer modeling of your buyers and complex buying processes that make for better informed decisionsOur aim is to help you understand who your buyers are, the world they work and live in, what they do and how they work, and the goals that drive their purchase decision.

Our belief is to make qualitative buyer research and buyer modeling affordable.

Our passionate belief is that qualitative B2B buyer research and predictive buyer modeling should be affordable as well as  ongoing to address constantly changing buyer behaviors.  Let’s talk about innovative 3 months, 6 months, and annual plans that get you the buyer insights and descriptive Business Buyergraphics you need to predictively model buyer behaviors and guide strategy in marketing, sales, and customer experience.

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