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Professional leaders in strategy, marketing, sales, product marketing, and market research use the qualitative insights and predictive buyer modeling of Business Buyergraphics™ to lead their teams and make better informed decisions that help their companies to win in highly competitive markets. Introducing 7 innovative forms of buyer insights and descriptive buyer modeling that help you predict as well as develop winning strategies and drive revenue growth in today's challenging markets.

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Testimonial "We were provided with the insights we needed to win in our space. The buyer insights enabled our marketing and selling teams to anticipate buyers’ needs and decision process at their level, using their language and terminology. They have been a key game changer and a component of our market share gains against the competition."

Kevin Hooper,
Vice President and General Manager, Hewlett-Packard
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The State of Buyer Personas 2012

This June marks ten years since the first buyer persona development methodology was pioneered and launched by the firm Goal Centric now called Buyerology.  Over the past ten years it has been quite a journey.   Much has happened and much … Continue reading

Is Your Organization Likeable? Are You Attracting the Right Buyers?

The phrase “Laws of Attraction” first appeared in the early 20th century around 1906 by William Walter Atkinson as part of the new thought movement and release of his book  “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought … Continue reading

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